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Course Overview
Course Timeline
Phase 1.
DSA (Basics + Advanced)
Not being able to solve coding problems in right time constraint already leaves out of the race for 80% of the jobs on the market The first four months are focussed on polishing your DSA skills from scratch so that you are prepared for coding round at the blink of an eye.
Data Structures & Algorithms .
Mastering this, you will be armed to clear majority of technical interviews of product based companies. This is central key to most interview processes.

Module breakdown :
  • Time Complexity & Space Complexity
  • Arrays & Matrix
  • Strings
  • Binary & Ternary Search
  • Searching & Sorting
  • Hashing
  • Matrix
  • Linked Lists
  • Bit Manipulation
  • Two Pointer Algorithm
  • Stacks ,Queues & Dequeue
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Heaps & Priority-Queues
  • Maps & Sets
  • Trees & Graphs
  • Number Theory for Interviews & Coding Rounds
  • Recursion
  • Dynamic Programming : Kadane DP
  • Dynamic Programming: Subsequence DP
  • Dynamic Programming: Knapsack DP
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Divide & Conquer
  • Backtracking
  • Adhoc & Constructive Algorithms
  • Shortest Path
  • DSU
  • Square Root Decomposition
  • Segment Trees & Binary Indexed Trees
  • Range Minimum Query
Weekly Problem Bunch
For every class you will be given a problem bunch for practise and concrete your concept, followed by doubt classes.
Coding Round Simulations
There will be coding round simulation every 2 weeks, to help you get familiar with coding rounds of top-tech companies.
1:1 Mentorship Sessions
Have personal mentorship session with mentors from Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon to plan a personal roadmap and get help regarding cracking top product-based companies.
Phase 2.
System Design + Full Stack Projects
Once your DSA is prepared you have the right mindspace to focus on becoming a confident developer right equipped with skills required to carry out projects pipeline end to end
Career Essentials
Get familiar with the concepts of version control & tools that are widely used in industry.
  • GitHub
  • AWS
  • Docker
System Design
System design questions in Interviews are quite prominent these days in product based companies. We'll be learning :
  • Basics of System Design
  • Low level Design using OOPs
Building Full Stack Projects
Building a good scalable project with deployment in production setting can increase your chances of getting an interview call by 10x.
  • Building a scalable project ( Full Stack Development )
  • Deployment in AWS/GCP cloud with production setting
Phase 3.
Interview Prep + Placements
Now with DSA and Projects in your arsenal, now practising mock interviews & learning cool interview strategies makes you super ready to apply for jobs with our Dedicated Placement Cell.
Resume Building
A good and precise resume is super important to get an interview call.
  • Live Resume Sessions
  • 1:1 Resume review & iteration
Interview Strategy & Tactics
Interviewing skills are super important when applying for top-tech jobs, learn from guys who've cracked multiple International & Domestic offers their interview strategies and key insights.
Mock Interviews
Practise mock interview with Engineers from Google, Apple and top product based companies who themselves have taken 100+ interviews for their company, with personal feedbacks and improvement tips.
Placement Support
We've a dedicated Placement Cell to help you with your job switch. Get timely notification of current hiring along with referrals. Get lifetime access to our platform TJO which has 1000+ latest interview experiences and questions.